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Its superhero cinema on a whole new level!. Picking up from Captain America, Civil war, Black Panther takes us to the fictional nation of Wakanda and its new King T’Challa(Chadwick Boseman) and his struggle to reign in a country and a world where right and wrong isn’t always clear.

Its Marvel’s best work in years! Black Panther is “a jolt of a film” with stellar performances from the cast, breathtaking visuals, amazing action sequences, incredible cultural significance and a depth you’d never expect from a Superhero film.
Chadwick Boseman takes centre stage in this movie we are loving it! He more than holds his own in the lead role. Michael B. Jordan gives a physically thrilling performance as villain Eric Killmonger while Showing us an emotional depth we never saw coming. We connect to Killmonger and his vision… With his performance, Michael B. Jordan manages to make Killmonger one of the most sympathetic villains in history. Oscar winner, Lupita Nyongo is as radiant as ever and Sterling K. Brown, though appearing in very few scenes, adds to the emotional depth that makes Killmonger that villain he is. The breakout stars and best performances of this movie are of Letitia Wright and Danai Gurira. Wright steals every scene she’s in with warmth and humour she shines through the screen. Gurira plays Military General Okoye with a conviction that would rival Keanu Reeves work in the John Wick series. Her stiff, proud yet humorous and warm portrayal of the character leaves us at the end of our seats.
Culturally, Black Panther may be the most significant film since Selma. What sets it apart from most culturally significant black movies is that while movies like “Selma” and “The Butler” are very good. They are merely reminders. Telling us about how much the past continues to define the present in the Black Struggle. But in “Black Panther”, Marvel takes us to the future and we are filled with pride and hope. Thus Black Panther does the job perfectly… Reminding of us our roots with its Afrocentric approach, of our painful history with just the right balance of humour to make it fun but still let the message in… and by the time we leave the theatre, we are filled with Pride and reminded of what an honour it is… To be African… To be Black.

In all… Black Panther is just shy of being a masterpiece. It is a movie our Children, elders and the world should see. It is an amazing testament and gives a whole new meaning to the Phrase ” Black Pride ”
Rating 4.5/5



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  1. …nice…totally worth all the hype! But I wonder why no one has observed or commented on the first fight scene in the movie…#Sambisaforest, #kidnappednigerianschoolgirls, #BBOG…no???

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