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13 Warning Signs that Your Computer is Malware-Infected [Updated 2018]

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Malware-Infected? Warning Signs that Your Computer is Malware-Infected  Geek Friday Watch out for these malware-infection signs!   LAST UPDATED ON DECEMBER 18, 2017 SLOW READ:11 min Here’s a scenario you may not like but could happen every day. This is because it’s always viruses season for computers. You’re working on an important project and suddenly start …

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Secret Techniques To Improve Entrepreneurship while Living in Nigeria

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Entrepreneurship while Living in Nigeria ENTREPRENEURSHIP, this is gradually becoming the bedrock of Nigerian Economy. White collar jobs are gradually going extinct. Now the question is, what could one do to have a sustainable income? Which business idea would break even in this bottle-neck of ours? 

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Passion! That’s my driving force, it’s always been; that is what has kept me up at night organizing and searching for the right people to work with. I know it’s expected for one to think, oh well, passion is all there is to it… but No Way! It actually takes much more than passion.  Persistence and perseverance must also be in the mix for a dream to come true. Click and read more of our latest edition of the STYLE BEAT MAG. NG. NOVEMBER 2017

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On the body appreciation challenge

Once upon a time a certain p word simply referred to a cat and another d word referred to a man’s name. Now we can not say these words without extracting varying reactions from people, from giggles to frowns. Now they are coming for my cookies! Seriously all of you should hold it right there …

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