depression and solutions in nigeria



depression and solutions in nigeria

Depression is the cankerworm that is gradually eating up the young minds (even the older generation suffer from this) in our society today is depression.

Some say “depression Na Oyinbo sickness”Naija man no dey suffer such things but the truth is that it is silently causing a lot of harm in our society. In a scenario where one is knocked down by life’s unexpected circumstances, it tends to pull someone emotionally, mentally and sometimes physically.

You will be wondering why or how. Well, let us take a look at the frustrations that hover around every struggling Nigerian, on a daily basis we struggle to keep up with one thing or the other. We struggle to keep up with lousy lecturers who are out to devour your body just to give you a pass mark, we struggle to churn out content but our worth is measured by a bag or a shoe.

We struggle to make the best out of social media but our network providers are busy gaining weight around the waist.


Let’s not go into the medical sector, the oil and gas sector, politics, and religion the list is endless. My point here is that it is quite easy for someone to hit rock bottom and quit. Or even decide to take his or her life. Yes! Then the words you hear coming out of people’s mouths are nothing to write home about.

All in the name of being savage, where is the sympathy card or give the benefit of the doubt and think what if…

The structure of the Nigerian society does not encourage people to speak out.  People walk around feeling dead inside and there are no trained professionals to talk to.

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Someone who wouldn’t judge you at that moment, someone that has your back at that moment, someone to help you reevaluate and take the right turn to feeling better, but even if there were such persons how accessible are they to the depressed average Nigerian.


Sensitization is also poor. People think it’s a spiritual problem. Someone I know would just categorize depression as evil from the marine spirits… SMH. Some see depression as a weakness, some would ask you to go and pray you will be fine.

Trusting someone these days with something as deep as depression isn’t that easy because you might be scared of ending up on the blogs or social media.

Since its quite hard for one to source solutions to depression. The thoughts of killing one’s self by drinking poison, jumping in front of a car or even refusing to take care of yourself all these things affect you more than you know.

These negative thoughts consume you and you norm these pains with sex, medications, food, alcohol and many other things.

But notwithstanding the fact that depression exists in our present day Nigeria, one, must learn to own up to the truth. yes! Say it out that you feel depressed, feel something isn’t right with the way you feel.


Speak up! And try you’re very best to find someone you can trust to talk to. Find someone to just listen and offer advice if they have any without judging you for a minute. You deserve that!

Please don’t stay alone so you don’t do take actions that will leave your loved ones in pain.

Have you suffered from depression?

Read about Dixon Chidanda in Zimbabwe who helps grandmothers treat depression. ( post by Ayiba Magazine)

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