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On getting through it with music

I was ‘jejely’ sitting in the taxi on my way back from work when one of the passenger’s phone started playing ” ole ole ole ole ole ole, ole, omoge Manchester , shalewa united…” I was practically transported from 2017 to my university days. That song by DJ zeez was a

little controversial back then and used for many naughty references. Then it got to the part where it goes ” Bobbee eh..” And I saw some teen girls giggle at the back of the taxi. I went ah! ah! but ‘bobbee’ is part of our body. Infact it is an important something that DJ zeez was appreciating in that song with great beats, no less. In fact I dedicate the song right now to all the ladies out there. Especially in this month as breast cancer awareness is in focus.
Still in the spirit of throwback I remember those sappy, tragic Hollywood movies that were all the rage around the early 2000s. Stepmom starring Julia Roberts and Susan Sarandon where Susan Sarandon was going through treatment for cancer which turned out to be terminal. Then who can forget Sweet November with keanu Reeves and the goddess herself, Charlize Theron as the woman dying of cancer. Enya’s Only time as soundtrack made the film a weep fest for me. Then one of my favorites was A walk to remember starring Shane West and Mandy Moore who was this impossibly perfect pastor’s kid that was dying of leukemia. Hollywood captured the sadness, the challenges of the sick and made it beautiful, endearing to watch with great sound tracks to tug at our heart strings.

In real life its a different scenario to be ill or watch our loved ones ill.I remember someone dear to me who had to undergo an appendectomy in her teen years. She started distributing her few belongings while all present appealed to her not to give up. She is well over 30 today and the picture of health. Looking back now we all laugh out loud at that time in our lives. But it is no movie and certainly no joke for the person losing weight rapidly under the strain of cancer treatment, or the one losing hair as well. The constant weakness and pain is real. The child who is rendered fatherless or motherless can not just weep for a moment and carry on with life because it was all a movie. The father rendered childless will live with the empty bed in his child’s room for as long as he lives. The people watching their loved ones suffer deal with real and much less pretty versions of those movies. The reality is rather harsh.

But music is powerful. Remember how Enya’s Only time made you feel when listened to it? That is called the power of music. From empowerment, to enlightement to soothing, the role of music cannot be ignored in the fight against health conditions like cancer. In my life I have found that I listened to certain songs for encouragement or to energize me and  everything in between while I try to get through, workouts,chores, stress, depression and malaria. We all could use some “getting through it”music. Lately music by Travis Greene have been getting me through it all. Share with me in the comments your top “getting through it” songs. Meanwhile I will make DJ zeez’s song my ringtone for the month of October for all my boob lovers, owners and sympathisers.


    1. Omg… i love enya…I love music… everytime I come across abpost about music I have to quote bro. Bob Marley ” one good thing about music…when it hits you you feel no painnn…”! Hit me with music… lovely post…☺

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