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On the body appreciation challenge

Once upon a time a certain p word simply referred to a cat and another d word referred to a man’s name. Now we can not say these words without extracting varying reactions from people, from giggles to frowns. Now they are coming for my cookies! Seriously all of you should hold it right there because no one messes with what I eat. These body parts have their own actual names. 

Now this brings me to the social media wide appreciation of these body parts that is currently trending. You know we had to talk about it because it is all over these streets. The men started the challenge appreciating the lady bits. Ladies took up the challenge appreciating the male parts. Then everyone took up their own challenges appreciating people and things that they valued. People knew their pastors and  parents  could stumble on them appreciating things that will reduce their wife/ husband material by way too many yards so they better remain down low about such matters. All of these appreciation was expertly rapped to a very catchy beat and some of the challenges were rather hilarious to watch.

Then came time  to weigh in on whether the rest of us would do a body part appreciation challenge and it was on. Some expressed that they find it liberating and fun to do. Some others think it is great but they would not do it because it could jeopardize their jobs. Others think it is meant for only behind closed doors and doing such on social media is tantamount to recklessness and immaturity( in aunty georgina’s voice). Whatever your opinions on this challenges are , one thing is sure;  they are very entertaining to watch. No one knows what will be the next hottest thing on social media. It may be a live brazilian wax challenge, but when it trends you can be sure we will get to talk about it. Ciao


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